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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

2024-25 Freshman Application

The University of Mississippi has a freshman residency requirement. All of our incoming freshmen must complete the student housing application or have an approved application for exemption from the first-year residency requirement.

This application requires a $100 non-refundable application fee, payable with Mastercard or Visa.

Accessing the Application

Student Housing Portal

Application Timeline

All times are Central.

9:00am, 9/1           Application access available to all admitted 2024-25 freshmen 

4:00pm, 9/30         Deadline to pay application fee in order to have a room selection access time in round one of room                                     selection (access times randomly generated for round one)

9:00am, 10/31       Roommate request and confirm is available within the application 

4:00pm, 4/12         Deadline to pay application fee in order to have access to room selection in round two in April                                             (access times assigned in order received for round two)

4:00pm, 4/22         Room selection access times sent via Ole Miss Gmail to those who paid the application

                              fee by 4/12 at 4PM CT

4:00pm, 4/30         Deadline to request and confirm a roommate within the application        

9:00am, 5/15         Round three room selection access available to all 2023-24 freshmen who paid the application fee

Application Process

Our application process consists of two parts. Students who begin the application process after 9:00am on May 15 will complete both parts at once.

Student Housing Application Part 1

Step 1: Electronically sign the student housing contract.

Step 2: Pay the $100 non-refundable application fee with Visa or Mastercard. Room Selection Access Times are determined by the following:

  • Students who pay the application fee any time between September 1st and September 30th will have room selection access times randomly generated for round one of room selection.
  • Students who pay the application fee between October 1st and April 12th at 4PM CT will have room selection access times assigned in the order their application fee was received for round two of room selection.

Step 3: Acknowledge policies related to roommates and room selection.

Step 4: Complete your profile.

Optional & Available October 31: Request or confirm a roommate. The deadline to complete the roommate request and confirm process is 4PM on April 30.

Roommate Request & Confirm

You can request a roommate within your student housing application beginning on Monday, October 31 at 9:00am. Your requested roommate must confirm the request prior to 4:00pm on April 30 in order for the two of you to be connected for room selection. One of you will choose spaces for both of you during room selection. 

If you’re planning to participate in a living-learning community (Early Entry Pharmacy LLC, FASTrack LLC, Honors College LLC, MOST LLC) living group (Provost Scholars LG), or residential college (Luckyday RC, RC South), your roommate must be eligible for the same community.   

If you do not have a confirmed roommate, you will receive an access time to select a space in a room in one of the buildings in which you are eligible to live. 

Looking for a roommate? There are four easy ways to find one!

    1. Search within the student housing application by webID, UM Student ID #, or specific profile questions (available until 4PM on April 30).
    2. Search within the student housing application for students whose profile information best matches yours (available until 4PM on April 20).
    3. Join the Ole Miss Student Housing Roommate Connections group on Facebook.
    4. Once room selection opens to you, view profiles of room occupants. 

Student Housing Application Part 2 (Room Selection)

Prepare for room selection by researching building and community options. You’ll want to determine your student housing preferences prior to room selection. Be sure to review your options with your roommate, if applicable. Keep in mind that members of our living-learning communities (Early Entry Pharmacy LLC, FASTrack LLC, Honors College LLC, MOST LLC) living group (Provost Scholars LG), and residential colleges (Luckyday RC, RC South) must have roommates who are also eligible to be members of those communities.

Your room selection access time is determined by the date and time that you pay the non-refundable $100 application fee. 

Once you receive access to room selection, you will be able to view and choose from the rooms in the buildings in which you are eligible to live. If you have confirmed roommate, one of you will choose spaces for both of you during room selection. After a confirmed roommate pair have chosen a room, room change cannot be utilized to move both roommates at once. Each roommate must room change themselves. Roommate will be detached from one another during the room change process. 

Room Changes

Once you have chosen a room, the room change section will replace room selection in your student housing application. In the room change section, you can view available spaces and change rooms, if desired, as many times as you wish prior to 4PM on July 1, which is the last opportunity to change rooms prior to move in. The next available opportunity for room changes will be during the fall semester. As students participate in room selection, availability of buildings and rooms changes frequently. You keep your current room while looking at your options in the room change section; you must choose a bed in another room and confirm your selection in order to leave your current room. Using room change disconnects confirmed roommates.

Room Consolidation

Consolidation occurs during room selection and after each semester begins as residence hall vacancies are evaluated. Once the semester begins, residents who live in double or triple rooms without roommates will have two options: find a roommate or have a roommate assigned.


If you decide not to attend the University of Mississippi or decide not to live in student housing prior to the cancellation deadline, you must complete the cancellation process in the student housing portal. If you are enrolled at the university and do not cancel your application by the deadline and prior to moving in, you will be responsible for all financial and other commitments.

Deadline for fall semester: 5PM on July 1 (After July 1, you will be financially responsible for BOTH fall and spring semesters if you are enrolled at the university.)