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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Communitiesgroup of student staff at law school

Our students choose where they live and with whom they live. We offer many community and building options, so it’s easy to choose a campus residence that best suits your needs, desires, and budget. 

Four types of communities are available to residents: general communities, residential colleges, living-learning communities, and living groups.

General Communities

General communities are open to all students. Members of our general communities enjoy a residential experience that offers enrichment connecting to common general interests. Living among peers of varied educational interests and participating in programming led by student housing staff enhances student success and helps community members to build skills that bring success in their careers and in life.

Residential Colleges

The residential colleges (RCs) offer enriching experiences to freshman undergraduate students. These family-style communities include faculty fellows who live in the buildings and host events and activities for members.

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

Through partnerships with faculty, LLCs give students opportunities to enhance their residential experiences by connecting with their peers through events and activities designed for participants in specific academic programs. 

Living Groups (LGs)

Members of our living groups enjoy residential experiences that offer enrichment outside of the classroom that is tailored to their interests. Living among peers who share common interests and participating in events and activities led by campus staff help community members to develop skills that bring success during and after their undergraduate years.