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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Residence Halls

Our students choose where they live and with whom they live. We offer many community and building options, so it’s easy to choose a campus residence that best suits your needs, desires, and budget.

Four types of student residences are available: traditional residence halls, contemporary residence halls, residential colleges, and apartments.

Building Amenities Chart


Room Types

The following are provided to all residents in all of our buildings: basic cable, wireless internet, student ID access, central heat & air, laundry facility, furniture.

If you require student housing accommodations due to a disability, including the use of a service or assistance animal, please contact Student Disability Services.

Traditional Halls

Our seven traditional halls, built between 1952 and 1973, offer classic residential experiences. Each building has a unique set of amenities. Community bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor or wing.

Our custodial staff clean the community bathrooms and common areas twice daily. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.

Traditional halls house students by gender. Gender designations and classifications for 2024-20245are listed.

Contemporary Halls

Our newest residence halls feature in-room bathrooms as well as amenities such as community kitchens, large lounges, and spacious study rooms. Males and females live on separate wings in these buildings.

Our custodial staff sanitize high traffic areas and clean common areas twice daily.

Contemporary halls house both females and males. Community locations for 2024-25 are listed.

Residential Colleges

Our residential colleges (RCs) offer enriching experiences to undergraduate students of all classifications. These family-style communities include faculty fellows who live in the buildings and host events and activities for members.

The RCs have all of the amenities included in our contemporary halls as well as libraries, classrooms, and the RC Marketplace dining facility.

Our custodial staff sanitize high traffic areas and clean common areas twice daily.

Residential colleges house both female and male members.


Our apartment options provide students with a more independent style of living that’s conveniently located on or near campus.

Campus Walk

Gather Oxford (new for 2024-2025)

Lark Oxford (new for 2024-2025)

  • Off campus, master lease
  • Sophomores & Upperclassmen


Revel Oxford (new for 2024-2025)

Taylor Bend (new for 2024-2025)

  • Off campus, master lease
  • Sophomores & Upperclassmen

The Quarters