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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Academic Resource Center 

Student studying in Academic Resource Center  

Looking for a place to study? Want to have a study group with friends?  Need a quiet place to take a proctored exam? Or a place to meet with someone from the Writing Center or other on-campus tutoring? Our Academic Resource Center (or The ARC), located off the main lobby of Stewart Hall, has you covered.  

ARC Hours of Operation 

Sunday – Thursday: 

4:30pm – 12:30am 


Front Desk 

Community Desk Assistants operate a desk to answer any questions you may have and to make sure our supplies are stocked and accessible to all visitors. If you have a question or have an idea about what else we can do to help support you as a student, our team is there for you.  


Two students talking at Academic Resource Center Desk

Residence Hall Association Office 

Want to meet with our RHA leadership to discuss an idea for a new event, or want advocate for improvements in your residence hall?  RHA holds office hours between 8:30a-4:30p Monday – Friday to assist you.  

Single Seats 

All around The ARC you’ll find study nooks to accommodate 1-2 people comfortably, with a chair and side table combo. A great spot to do some reading, copy down some notes, or do a one-on-one quiz over study material.  


Student Laughing in Academic Resource Center

Private Study Room 

If you’re looking for a private study room, you can book ours for a two-hour block as space allows. Ask our front desk staff member for more details and to schedule a session. This space has a large whiteboard with markers and will seat a group of six! 

 Writing Center Lounge 

Our friends at the Writing Center will host sessions in this space, which is super comfy and inviting (the perfect place to write a paper or get help on one). Schedule an appointment at link! 

 Large Study Room 

For larger groups, this space will be perfect for you and your friends, with chairs and tables and a handful of white boards around the space. The perfect spot for late night test preparation!  

Group of Students studying in Academic Resource Center


Need a snack while studying? We got that, too! Visit our snack area for a drink and some brain fuel! If we’re out of something or have suggestions, let the desk staff know and we can restock.