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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Luckyday Residential College

Luckyday Residential College (LRC) opened in 2010 and houses residents on three floors. Resident rooms have in-room bathrooms. Shared spaces include a library, a classroom, a 24/7 fitness room, study rooms, a full-size kitchen, and an amazing green space that’s perfect for games and activities. LRC residents dine in the The Dish and are required to purchase the RC Unlimited Plus 1 Dining Plan.

LRC residents sign a contract for the academic year. This building is open during breaks.

Community Info

Luckyday RC offers an unparalleled university experience to members through programming, volunteering, partnering with members of the local community, mentoring, and academic encouragement.

Members and residents of the LRC currently include Luckyday Scholars (Luckyday scholarship recipients) and Luckyday Associates (students who are not recipients of the scholarship but who wish to benefit from the many academic, social, and service opportunities available to members).

When you accept an invitation to join the LRC community, you agree to be an active participant of the community and fulfill certain responsibilities, including but not limited to attending at least one LRC faculty-led program per semester, completing study hall hours each week (if needed), and meeting with an advisor regularly to ensure that you are progressing academically.

How to Join

New, incoming first-year students will be considered for membership. The application link is available in the housing application.

Standard double occupancy layout for Luckyday and RC South