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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

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Student Housing uses a Residential Curriculum to help guide the events and activities that we host in our communities. Just like the curriculum of your student’s academic major, these events are intentionally planned and start with the basics and become more advanced as the year goes on. We often start the year getting students acquainted with on-campus resources like the Counseling Center, Writing Center, and Student Organizations. At the end of the year, students who attend our events may end up critically reflecting on their year, solidifying their majors, and learning how to make connections with faculty to work toward internships or research positions.

The Residential Curriculum also allows us to tailor specific events to specific communities based on the student population. Freshmen will likely learn a lot about our policies since they are new to campus, while communities with large upperclassmen populations may address interview skills and host resume workshops. The Residential Curriculum provides us with the framework to make sure all our students are getting the development they need outside the classroom.

Signature Events: Minor/Pittman/Burns Mario Needs an Uber; Crosby Hall; Unquiet Hours


Student Housing Educational Priority Statement

Through transformational and purposeful experiences, students living in residential communities at the University of Mississippi will become engaged scholars and responsible citizens.



While the highlight of our Residential Curriculum is our events, there are several other ways we use the Curriculum to enhance our students’ experiences living on campus. From our Community Assistants to our Graduate Assistants to our Community Coordinators, our in-hall Residential Learning staff strives to make personal connections with each of our students individually so we can best direct them to resources on campus based on their needs- and we also simply enjoy getting to know our students!

  •       Intentional interactions: Residential learning staff get to know our students through everyday conversations and help them as they adjust to life in college. Staff members provide guidance and celebrate important milestones with our students.
  •       Passive educational opportunities: Student staff create opportunities for students to learn on-the-go using informational bulletin boards, flyers, posters, and more.
  •       Community builder events: Student staff regularly host small events on their floors designed to foster social connections among residents. Events may include destressing activities, baking cookies and watching movies together, video game tournaments, board games, arts and crafts, and floor contests.  

·        Community learning plan events: Residential learning staff, university partners, and special guests work together to plan large community events designed to enhance students’ on-campus experiences and connect the lessons learned in the classroom to life on campus. Our university partners bring resources into our communities to host events, workshops, socials, and other activities designed to help students get involved, meet other students, and gain skills both in and out of the classroom.