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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Marketing in Our Communities

The Department of Student Housing gives campus departments and organizations the opportunity to communicate important announcements and information about events to campus residents by posting messages on our media display screens, which are located in the lobbies of all of our residence halls as well as the Campus Walk office. 

Please keep in mind the we do not allow the placement of flyers in our residential communities. Further, representatives from campus departments and organizations are not permitted to place marketing materials in our buildings.

The Department of Student Housing does not distribute promotional items to residents.

Businesses are not permitted to market in our buildings as we maintain a no solicitation policy. The Ole Miss Student Union provides opportunities for businesses to market directly to our students. Please contact Director Bradley Baker at or (662) 915-1044 for more information.

Media Submission & Approval Guidelines

  • Email requests for media placement and attached media file(s) must be received 5 business days prior to the requested date of display.
  • Email requests must include:
    • Requested date of placement
    • Requested date of removal
    • Name of campus department or organization sponsoring the message
    • Purpose of message
  • Accepted file types:
    • Images: JPG or PNG (dimensions: 1920 x 1080p, horizontal orientation – PowerPoint slides will work if saved as jpgs or pngs)
    • Videos: WEBM or MP4 (maximum time: 45 seconds)
      • No sound will be played.
      • Closed captioning must be visible at all times.
    • Not accepted:
      • Files with vertical orientation
      • Files that include a single image tiled or repeated to fill the space
      • Files that require editing
  • Email address for submission:


Election Campaigning

The Department of Student Housing, in conjunction with the Residential Housing Association (RHA) and the Associated Student Body (ASB), have instituted a campaigning policy for the residence halls. This policy is intended to provide candidates with guidelines for soliciting votes. It is also intended to prevent unwanted solicitation, visitation, and escort violations, as well as the posting and distributing of campaign materials in non-approved locations.

A. The candidate, along with an escort, will be allowed to campaign in the residence halls only on the Wednesday and Sunday before the primary from 7-10 p.m. In the case of a runoff, a candidate, along with an escort, may campaign in the residence halls from 7-10 p.m. the Wednesday before the runoff.
B. The resident of a particular room must give permission in order for a candidate to hang a flyer on that resident’s door. Further, there is to be no sliding of campaign material under doors of student rooms or any other type of random distribution of campaign materials.
C. Open forums may be held in the lobby of any residence hall at any time provided that the time and place are arranged and confirmed by the graduate community director.
D. Hanging of flyers in the windows or doors of the residence halls and posting of flyers on the building directly or on the bulletin boards of the residence halls is prohibited.
E. In addition to prosecution by the ASB Elections Commission, violations of the items in this section are subject to student judicial action and possibly action by UPD.

Candidates who choose to campaign in on-campus housing must follow these housing guidelines:

  1. Candidates and their escorts must report to the front desk and identify themselves as candidates for an ASB election. Either the candidate or candidate’s escort must be of the same gender as the building in which the candidate is campaigning.
  2. Candidates and their escorts must sign in as visitors and remain together in the building at all times.
  3. Candidates may go door-to-door during the assigned time period, but must officially “check out” at the front desk prior to 10:00 p.m.
  4. Failure to properly check out by 10:00 p.m. will result in the submission of a formal campaign violation report to ASB.
  5. No artificial noisemakers or amplified sound equipment will be permitted while touring the halls.
  6. Each candidate and escort must have a clearly visible name tag providing his/her full name.
  7. Campaigning on residence hall floors is not permitted outside of these established time frames.
  8. Stickers may not be placed on doors.