Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Residence Hall Options for Sophomores & Upperclassmenstudents at color run 

Residence Halls for 2020-21: Residence Hall 2, Crosby Hall (females), Stewart Hall (males)




Room Consolidation


2019-20 Application & Room Selection Info

Application opens: 9:00am CST on February 3

Once all on-campus spaces have been filled, waitlists will be available for selected buildings.


  1. Log into the student housing portal.
  2. Choose sophomore & upperclassman in the top bar. 
  3. Select the Sophomore & Upperclassman 2020-21 application. 
  4. Complete the following sections: room selection, profile setup, contract, application fee payment agreement (non-refundable*, billed to bursar account).
  5. Visit the application confirmation section to confirm your booking.

*The $75 application fee is non-refundable, even if you cancel your contract prior to July 1. 

Once you’ve selected a room, you may use the optional room change section in the application to view other spaces available to you and select one of those spaces if you’d like. As long as there are available spaces, you may use the room change section until 4:00pm CDT on July 10.