Student Housing

The University of Mississippi


If you decide not to attend the University of Mississippi or decide not to live in student housing prior to the cancellation deadline, you must complete the cancellation process in the student housing portal. If you are enrolled at the university and do not cancel your application by the deadline and prior to moving in, you will be responsible for all financial and other commitments.

If you determine after the cancellation deadline that you no longer wish to live in student housing, you will be directed through the student housing appeals process. Release from your student housing contract is not guaranteed.

The university has a freshman residency requirement

  • Deadline for fall semester: 5:00pm on July 1 (After July 1, you will be financially responsible for BOTH fall and spring semesters if you are enrolled at the university.)
  • Deadline for spring semester: DEADLINE EXTENSION until 5:00 pm on December 5
  • Deadline for May Intersession: May 12
  • Deadline for Summer I: May 27
  • Deadline for Summer II: June 26
  • Deadline for August Intersession: July 28