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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Request to Vacate

You must submit a request to vacate in the student housing portal if you are transferring to another university, participating in a study abroad program, participating in an exchange program or an internship program for spring semester, withdrawing from the university, or graduating prior to the end of your student housing contract.

  • Transfer to another university – In order to approve the request to vacate form we require documentation from your new institution stating that you have been admitted. Your request to vacate will be approved only if documentation is provided.
  • Study abroad, exchange program, or internship students – A letter from the study abroad office or the department supervising the internship on their letterhead stating that you will be participating in a program for the upcoming semester is required. We will approve the request to vacate only if documentation is provided.
  • Withdrawal from the university – You must officially withdraw from the university. We will approve the request to vacate only after you have zero hours of enrollment.
  • Graduating and will no longer be enrolled at Ole Miss – If you do not graduate or if you immediately begin graduate school, your housing contract will remain in effect.

If you will still be enrolled at the University of Mississippi, you must complete the student housing appeals process to request a release from your housing contract. If you chose to move to an off-campus location without going through the student housing appeals process, you will still be held to your housing contract and be responsible for your housing fees. You are not automatically released from your contract by submitting this form. Each form will be reviewed for approval. You will be notified of the decision via Ole Miss Gmail. Students who cancel due to withdrawal from the university but then re-enroll during the same contract period will be held to the terms and conditions of the student housing contract.