Student Housing

The University of Mississippi



Below is the closing info for our buildings. Luckyday RC, RC South, Northgate Apartments, Residence Hall 2, and Residence Hall 3 do not close during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, or Spring Break. Campus Walk remains open for the duration of the contract (through July 31).

For residents of halls that close during breaks, break housing is available at a off-campus location for a nightly rate. Single and double rooms are available. Information will be sent prior to closings to all campus residents via Ole Miss Gmail.

Info on End-of-Year Check Out

Thanksgiving Break 2017

Deadline to leave buildings: 10:00am, Sunday, November 19

Buildings reopen: 12:00pm, Sunday, November 26


Winter Break 2017-18

Deadline to leave buildings: 10:00am, Saturday, December 9, or within 24 hours of your last final exam (whichever is earlier)

Buildings reopen: 12:00pm, Monday, January 1


Spring Break 2018

Deadline to leave buildings: 10:00am, Saturday, March 10

Buildings reopen: 12:00pm, Sunday, March 18


End-of Year Closing 2018