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Spring Break 2020

Buildings close: 12:00pm on March 7

Buildings reopen: 12:00pm on March 15

For residents of buildings that close during breaks, Student Housing provides both an on-campus option and an off-campus option for break housing. Information will be sent to residents via Ole Miss Gmail. There is a break housing request form in the Student Housing Portal. 

  • On-Campus Option: Break housing will be provided in an empty single room or double room (with a roommate) within one of the contemporary halls that remain open for the break. Contemporary halls include an in-room bathroom but do not include linens. Rate: Double $26.77 per night and Single $32.22 per night
  • Off-Campus Option: Break housing will be provided at the Super 8 on Jackson Avenue with single occupancy or double occupancy (with a roommate). This option includes all the amenities offered by the hotel. Double $40.00 per night and Single $80.00 per night

Please note that while you have the option to select a preference, it is not guaranteed. Break housing is subject to availability. All break housing assignments will be made by Student Housing staff and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Break housing cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to and must be received no later than Friday, March 6, 2020, at NOON. Cancellation requests received after the deadline will result in a charge for one night of break housing at the assigned rate.

Students needing break housing for two separate stays should submit a break housing request for each stay. Students interested in selecting a double room with a preferred roommate should email housing at

If you do not have a safe place to go during breaks and are unable to afford the break housing rates, please contact UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy at (662) 915-7248 or