Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Minor HallMI

Built in 2011, Minor Hall  features in-room bathrooms, study rooms on each floor, conference rooms, community kitchens, and lounges with TVs on each floor. Each room is furnished with desks, dressers, nightstands, a microwave/fridge, and a twin extra-long bed for each student. All rooms are air-conditioned.

Our custodial staff clean the in-room bathrooms and sink areas (only) in student rooms every two weeks. Students are responsible for keeping the sleeping areas of their rooms clean and supplying toilet tissue for in-room bathrooms.

Ethernet hookups, wireless internet, and basic cable are included in every room. A P.O.D. Market with a Papa John’s Express is located on the ground floor. A 24-hour front desk, a community assistant on each floor, a live-in graduate community director, and student ID card readers on all exterior doors make Minor a safe and secure place to live.

Residents for 2017-18: Provost Scholars Living Group, Freshman General Community




Floor Plans

Room Dimensions

Video Tours


Width = 32 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Width = 17 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Width = 29.5 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79 inches
Frame: 38 inches x 84 inches
Bed can be raised to 30.5-34″ off the ground and can be lowered in 3″ increments

Width = 48 inches
Depth = 24.5 inches
Height = 72 inches (Divider = 81 inches tall)                                                                                 Closets do not have doors. Students must bring curtains and tension rods if they wish to cover their closets.

Width = 38-39 inches
Height = 60 – 72 inches
Sill = Bottom of window to floor = 24 inches

Sink Area
The spaces below the sink are 14.0″ wide, 28.73″ tall, and 20.0″ deep on the left side. The right side is the same except it is only 13.75″ wide.

10 feet

Microwave/Refrigerator (connected)

Width = 18 inches
Height = 10.5 inches
Depth = 12.5 inches


Width = 18.5 inches
Height = 33 inches
Depth = 17.5 inches

Shower curtain to floor = 72 inches