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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

A Letter from the Director 

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Student Housing is an essential element of the Ole Miss student experience. We strive to create communities that transform the student experience and make a purposeful difference in the lives of our students.

In congruence with the University’s Strategic Plan, Flagship Forward, and the Division of Student Affairs, this transformative plan outlines a framework for the contributions to the student experience, as well as advancing the goals of the University of Mississippi. It is designed to provide our stakeholders a greater understanding of our comprehensive housing operation and its functions and services, as well as guide department conversations around student learning, facilities improvements, diversity, organizational practices, financial directions, and sustainability.

Our mission and vision provide the foundation for our work in Student Housing, and this strategic plan outlines the broad themes and initiatives that will help focus our efforts over the next several years in accomplishing that mission.

This document is the product of an introspective journey by departmental staff, faculty, stakeholders, and students in order to determine the future direction of our work with students and the campus community. It is also the result of a careful study and analysis of trends, services, assessment, and challenges. I am proud of the Student Housing team and their dedicated work in realizing such a transformative plan.

Despite the uncertainly of the current environment, we remain steadfast in our commitment to making progress on our plan. This plan will serve as a long-term guide for our goals and priorities that reflect our values, enthusiasm, and commitment. I look forward to sharing the stories of our unique contributions and success as we progress through the plan.


John Yaun, Director


Making an Impact, Student Housing Strategic Plan