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The University of Mississippi

Campus Walk Fitness Zone

We are excited to offer an innovative workout space that accommodates up to 14 users at a time. The Fitness Zone is open to students, faculty, and staff members. Equipment includes a pendulum, a two-person accessible chest press, a two-person combo lateral pull and vertical press, a rower, a four-person leg press, and an elliptical. These machines enable users to work against their own body masses, so the outdoor workout space can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level.


Fitness Zone Rules

The fitness equipment is designed for your enjoyment. For your safety, we ask you to comply with the following:

  1. There are inherent risks of injury involved in the use of any exercise equipment. In using this equipment, you are acknowledging that you understand and assume these risks and agree to hold the University and its employees and agents harmless should any injury occur.
  2. You must be either a student or faculty/staff of the University of Mississippi to use the equipment.
  3. Parents/Guardians: To avoid injuries, do not let your children use the equipment.
  4. Consult your physician prior to starting any physical fitness training program.
  5. The University does not provide any supervision for the use of the equipment.
  6. Any potential users with known adverse health conditions should not use this equipment.
  7. Before using the equipment, check for loose parts, breaks, cracks or other conditions needing attention. If any abnormalities are noticed, do not use the equipment. Notify the front desk.
  8. Perform exercises according to instructions on each piece of equipment.
  9. Breathe normally during physical activity.
  10. Perform resistance exercises according to instructions in a slow, controlled manner over the full range of motion. Performing the movements too quickly may result in an injury.
  11. During exercise, pay attention to how your body feels. If pain or discomfort occurs, STOP THE EXERCISE IMMEDIATELY.
  12. Rest and recovery are important between sets and exercises. Please allow 2 minutes of rest between exercises.
  13. Keep a safe distance from exercise equipment when in use by others.

The University of Mississippi shall not be liable for any personal injury to any person resulting from the use of the exercise equipment at this facility.

computer-generated diagram of new workout facility at Campus Walk