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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Accessibility & Accommodations Related to Disabilities

We are committed to ensuring campus is accessible and inclusive. If you require a student housing accommodation(s) due to a disability, including the use of a service or assistance animal, please contact the Student Disability Services (SDS).

SDS staff from will review your request for accommodation(s) and initiate the approval process, if applicable.

Once the approval process with SDS is completed, staff from that office will work with student housing staff to provide the recommended accommodation(s).

Once SDS has notified student housing staff of your housing accommodation recommendation, you will be contacted by student housing staff via Ole Miss Gmail within 5 business days.

While your request is being reviewed, you should apply for student housing. If room selection is open to you, please choose a room. If necessary, student housing staff will change your room reservation to meet your accommodation(s) needs.