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Summer Housing

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August Intersession (7/27-8/9): Burns Hall

May Intersession: 2015 info available in spring 2014

First Summer Session/Jumpstart Session I: 2015 info available in spring 2014

Second Summer Session/Jumpstart Session II: 2015 info available in spring 2014



Move In Schedule

Move in for all sessions will take place at the assigned residence hall(s). Students are encouraged to obtain student IDs prior to move-in, as the student IDs serve as room access keys.

August Intersession- July 27, 2014 at 12pm CDT


Parking Info: All residents will enter the Kincannon/Ridge North entrance, which is at the intersection of Rebel Drive and Student Union Drive. Parking is available in the Kincannon lot. There are no unload zones and there is no parking adjacent to Burns Hall. Burns Hall residents will check in and bring their belongings through the BACK door, which is facing the courtyard area and the back of Ridge North.



Each session requires a separate application process. All applications open at 9am CDT on April 1, 2014, under the ‘Housing’ tab in MyOleMiss. Each application requires payment of a non-refundable $15 prepayment for completion. For students who attend a summer session and live in on-campus housing, the prepayment will be credited to the housing balance for that term, which will be charged through the bursar. For students who do not attend summer school and/or live in on-campus housing, the prepayment will be non-refundable.



Summer session housing assignments will be completed 7 days prior to move in. All students (unless otherwise notified) will be booked into double occupancy rooms. Students will have the opportunity to request specific roommates. See the information below regarding move-in dates and roommate requesting. Summer housing is assigned by the Department of Student Housing. Student do not participate in a self-selection for bedspaces.



All summer cancellations must be received via email at A cancellation must include a student’s name, ID number, session for which he/she is cancelling, and a cancellation statement. [Example: Please cancel Jane Doe (10001234) for Summer Session I.] No cancellations will be taken over the phone or in person.

May Intersession- 12pm CDT  on May 9, 2014

First Summer Session/Jumpstart Session I- 12pm CDT on May 24, 2014

Second Summer Session/Jumpstart Session II- 12pm CDT on June 22, 2014

August Intersession- 12pm CDT on July 24, 2014

After these dates, enrolled students will be responsible for the full cost of room rent for the agreement period.


Consecutive Session Stays

Students who will be staying on-campus for consecutive summer sessions and who wish to stay in the same bedspaces will need to complete all necessary application at once to ensure correct booking. A student who decides after receiving a housing assignment for one session to extend residency for an additional session must contact Ashley Guinn Taylor, Assistant Director for Housing Assignments, at to ensure placement in the same room for the following session (if available). Due to the varied selection of facilities available for summer terms, students who are staying from the start of May Intersession or Summer Session I through August Intersession may be required to move from Ridge North to Burns Hall (formerly Ridge South) at the end of Summer Session II.


Early Move-In Requests

Summer session early move-in requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis depending on space and staff availability. All early move-in requests must be submitted through via online form: 2014 Summer Sessions Early Move-In Request Form. Requests will be reviewed and processed weekly. Students will be notified of request approval or denial via Ole Miss email. All residents who move in early will be charged a per day rate that will be provided within the early move-in approval notice. Early move-in fees will be charged through the bursar.


Private Rooms

Due to high occupancy during summer sessions, requests are not guaranteed and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows. Private rooms may be requested by emailing Ashley Guinn Taylor at The email must include the student’s name, student ID number, summer session and private room request. Students whose requests are accommodated will be charged the rate for a private room. Students will receive request status 3 days prior to move in.


Roommate Requests

Students may utilize the ‘Roommate Management’ tab within the application for a particular session to request and confirm desired roommates. In order for a student to be requested as a roommate, he/she must have an application prepayment on file for that specific session. It is recommended that the second student to apply in a roommate pair initiate the roommate request by submitting the other student’s ID number within the request section and the first student follow up and confirm the request by logging back into his/her application. Each session will have a roommate request deadline 7 days prior to the scheduled move-in date. Any requests received after this date (the same date that housing assignments are issued) will be accommodated at the discretion of student housing staff.


Storage of Belongings

The Department of Student Housing cannot accommodate the storage of belongings between sessions, even for students who remain from spring semester through the full summer term and will live on campus in the fall. Students will be required to move completely out at the end of the scheduled session. The Department of Student Housing has partnered with the local Pak Mail to offer our residents affordable summer storage and shipping options.

Exceptions are made for students who are living on campus for August Intersession and for Fall 2014. Those students will be allowed to move from Burns Hall (formerly Ridge South) to their assigned bedspaces for fall on Saturday, August 9, 2014. More details will be provided directly to students who qualify for that option.