Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Traditional Hall Furniture


Beds may be bunked using bunking pins, which are available at the front desk of each residence hall. Beds can be raised and lowered with a rubber mallet by the student. Rubber mallets are available for checkout at the front desk.  Cinder blocks, bed risers, and homemade lofts are not permitted in the residence halls. Lofts specifically designed for the beds in the residence halls are available for rent from Lofts, Inc. These are the only lofts that are permitted in the residence halls. Ladders and safety rails can also be rented from Lofts, LLC.

Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79.25 inches
Frame: 38.75 inches x 85 inches
Bed can be raised to 30.5-34″ off the ground and can be lowered in 3″ increments




Deaton, Hefley, Martin, Stockard

Width = 41.75 inches
Depth = 24.25 inches
Height = 30 inches




Width = 48 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Shelves = 48 inches wide and 9.25 inches deep


Width = 38.5 inches
Depth = 23 inches
Height = 30.25 inches


Width = 47.5 inches
Depth = 23 inches


Width = 47 inches
Depth = 21.5 – 29 inches (slanted)