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The University of Mississippi

Room Change Requests for Residents

During fall and spring semesters, you have the opportunity to submit a request to change rooms or buildings. 

Room change options will be based entirely on space availability. Rates vary by building and room type. Students who change to rooms offered at higher rates will be required to pay the difference in housing fees. Students who change to rooms offered at lower rates will have housing fee differences credited to their bursar accounts. Housing fee differentials will be computed on a prorated basis unless the move is completed prior to the first day of classes. Residents who move to Luckyday Residential College or Residential College South will be required to purchase the residential college meal plan. Students who change apartments within the Campus Walk community will be required to pay overages in both apartments occupied during that month, where applicable. 

During the times that room changes are unavailable, student housing staff will be conducting necessary inventories of rooms and accounting for available spaces. 

You may only have one active room change request at a time.

Room changes available for Fall 2019: 9:00am on September 3 – 4:00pm on November 22

Room changes available for Spring 2020: 9:00am on January 27- 4:00pm on April 24

To begin the room change process, submit your request in the student housing portal. You will include your building preference, and you may also enter a specific room number.

Once you’ve submitted this request, your Community Coordinator or Graduate Community Director will schedule a meeting with you within five business days. If the building or room you requested is not available, you will have the opportunity to discuss other options. If you feel unsafe in your living environment, please contact your Community Coordinator or Graduate Community Director immediately.

Once you receive approval for a room change, you will be notified via Ole Miss Gmail and will have 48 hours to complete your move. As indicated in your student housing contract, a charge of $100 per day will be assessed for an unauthorized room change and will be retroactively charged based on the date that the move took place, not the date the unauthorized room change was identified by appropriate staff members. 

You may submit multiple room change requests during your student housing contract period, but you may only submit one request at a time.

If you are interested in relocating to one of the residential colleges, please contact residential college staff directly for availability and information on applying.

Residential College South –

Luckyday Residential College –