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Mind-Body-Soul Freshman Interest Group (FIG) is an engaged community that fosters balanced living through academic and personal journeys of wellness. Members work to cultivate and maintain healthy lifestyles as applicable to self, spirituality and community. In this community, students become more aware of their strengths and challenges in dimensions of wellness such as spirituality, fitness and physical health, community wellness, emotional wellness, and mental well-being.

Mind-Body-Soul members come from diverse backgrounds and share an interest in the pursuit of wellness knowledge and success and the establishment of lifelong relationships with peers.

Membership for 2015-2016: 20

Residential facilities for 2015-2016: Residence Hall 1 (temporary name)

Application Info

Important Dates & Times

Application Essay Prompts (250 word maximum for each essay question)

  1. Personal wellness is more than good nutrition and being physically active.  What other aspects does wellness include and how do you strive to achieve optimal wellness?
  2. How would membership in Mind-Body-Soul help you achieve the aforementioned optimal wellness?

FIG Opportunities

Through a variety of wellness related activities designed through partnerships with campus departments and organizations members of Mind-Body-Soul will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn various health and wellness topics (e.g. active lifestyle habits, healthy eating, etc.)
  • Commit to a substance-free environment
  • Develop relationships with students, staff,  and faculty, that facilitate learning beyond the classroom
  • Foster study groups and discussions regarding common classwork, reading, and events
  • Develop skills which help them to become engaged scholars and responsible citizens
  • Become engaged in campus activities and community events


Additional requirement

Members of Mind-Body-Soul are required to take a cohort EDHE 105 course, unless restricted by major or other program of study and will be automatically enrolled in a members-only section. The course will be taught by an instructor who works in a wellness-related area.  This course meets the requirements for three hours of university credit.  Members who have a conflict with taking this course should contact Michael Cherry at


Contact Info

Health Promotions Staff Leader:

Erin Cromeans,

Student Housing Staff Leader:

Michael Cherry, Area Coordinator,