Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Mail & Packages

Residence Halls, Residential Colleges, Northgate Apartments

On-campus mail and package delivery is available only through the Campus Post Office (exception: Campus Walk Apartments).

On-campus package delivery is available only through the Campus Package Center (exception: Campus Walk Apartments).


Campus Walk Apartments

Your mailbox key will allow you to access the mailbox for the apartment. The mailbox center is located adjacent to the pool area. Please note that there is only one mailbox per apartment. Thus, it is essential for you to understand the desires and rights of your apartment mates. Never assume they want you to collect their mail and never open or read anyone else’s mail. Packages that are too large to fit in a mailbox will be delivered to the front office. Campus Walk is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Please bring ID with you when picking up a package.