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First-Time Incoming Freshman Applicants – Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Posted on: July 16th, 2014 by jlmcclur

Application Info

First-Time Incoming Freshman Applicants – Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Important Dates & Deadlines

If you are accepted to the University of Mississippi prior to September 6, 2014, you will be assigned a housing application access timeslot based on the date and time you were accepted to the university. Housing application access timeslots will run September 18-19, 2014, and are unique to each student. If you are accepted to the university after September 6, 2014, you will have access to the housing application beginning at 12pm CDT on  September 22, 2014.

Applications open for residential communities                                                                  12:00pm CST, January 15, 2015

Application deadline for residential communities                                                                        11:59pm CDT, April 1, 2015

Round 1 residential community acceptances and waitlist notifications emailed             5:00pm CDT, April 5, 2015

Round 1 membership acceptances deadline                                                                                12:00pm CDT, April 21, 2015

Additional rounds of membership acceptances to waitlisted applicants                         ongoing in April & May 2015

Roommate Request & Confirm deadline                                                                                         11:59pm CDT, April 30, 2015

Round 1 Room Selection deadline                                                                                                     11:59pm CDT, April 30, 2015

Round 1 Room Selection timeslots emailed                                                                                             5:00pm CDT, May 2015

Round 1 Room Selection begins                                                                                                            12:00pm CDT, May 11, 2015

Round 2 Room Selection deadline                                                                                                     12:00pm CDT, June 12, 2015

Round 2 Room Selection timeslots emailed                                                                                    5:o0pm CDT, June 16, 2015

Round 2 Room Selection begins                                                                                                         12:00pm CDT, June 18, 2015

Room Selection open to all applicants                                                                                           12:00pm CDT, June 24, 2015

Room Swap deadline                                                                                                                                  11:59pm CDT, July 15, 2015


Application Instructions

Please review and follow these instructions if:

  • You will be a spring 2015 high school graduate
  • You have less than 30 semester hours and have not lived in an on-campus community at Ole Miss or another college or university
  • You do not have reason for the following exemptions: married, parent, prior or current military service, over 21.

You must be an admitted student to complete your student housing application. It is important to do this as soon as possible, as room selection time slots are assigned based on the date that you completed your application and paid your application fee. Below are four easy steps that will lead you through the housing application process.

  1. To begin the student housing application process, log into and select ‘Housing’. Next, select ‘Application’ (below the ‘Housing’ link). Then, select this application: First Time Incoming Freshman – Fall 2015/Spring 2016.
  2. Complete the following sections: online profile, housing agreement, application fee payment (non-refundable). You may also search for and request a roommate. (Hint: You must opt into the roommate search, and the person for whom your searching must have also.)
  3. When you receive your timeslot in May or June, log into and select ‘Housing’. Next, select ‘Application’ (below the ‘Housing’ link). Then, select the application for Fall 2015/Spring 2016. Click on the room selection option. Select a building and floor to view available bedspaces. Choose a bedspace and reserve it.
  4. View your application information and reservation at any time by logging into and selecting ‘Housing’. Next, select ‘Application’ (below the ‘Housing’ link). Then, select the application that you completed. Click on the ‘Application Status’ (above 10 and 11) option to view your information.
  5. View your requested roommate(s) at any time by selecting the ‘Roommate Management’ option.

Room Selection


It is your (the student’s) responsibility to become familiar with all policies governing the University of Mississippi. For a complete listing of those policies, please visit the University Policy Directory ( and The M Book, The University of Mississippi Handbook of Standards (

Be sure that you are familiar with the policies listed below, which reference harassment, stalking, and cyberstalking as they apply to the room selection process.

Harassment: Students and other members of the University community have the right to an environment free of conduct that unreasonably interferes, hinders, or otherwise denies another a suitable working, living, or learning environment. Therefore, members of the University community should refrain from harassing others or creating an environment that denies others a suitable working, living, or educational environment. DSA.SC.200.025 MBook

Stalking and Cyberstalking: The term “stalking” means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or suffer substantial emotional distress. This policy shall not be construed to impair any constitutionally protected activity, including speech, protest, or assembly. When such conduct includes expression or speech, the conduct must be more than merely offensive; it must be so objectively offensive, pervasive, and/or severe that if repeated it would effectively deny the victim access to the University’s resources and opportunities, unreasonably interfere with the victim’s work or living environment, or deprive the victim of some other protected right. DSA.SC.200.030 MBook

General Info

Room selection time slots open between noon and 4:30pm CDT Monday-Friday. Check your Ole Miss email for your individual time slot.

Room Selection with a Mutually Confirmed Roommate

    • When your timeslot opens, either your roommate or you can select a room for both of you. As confirmed roommates, you are linked together in the application system.
    • You can view your roommate status on the ‘Roommate Management’ page within the housing application.
    • Once you have a housing assignment, it is your responsibility to ensure that his/her requested roommate(s) is listed below as the other occupant(s) of the room assignment. Student housing will not remove a non-requested student from a bedspace if there has been a mistake in the booking process by one of the parties involved in the room selection.
    • You can confirm your booking and roommate information at any time in the ‘Application Status’ page. Your roommate’s information, when available, will be in the ‘Occupancy Information’ section.

Room Selection without a Mutually Confirmed Roommate

    • If you do NOT have a mutually confirmed roommate in the housing application, you will only be reserving your individual bedspace in a room (1/2 or 1/3 of the room). The remaining bedspace(s) of the room will be OPEN for any other same-gendered student to select.
    • If you have found a roommate after the roommate request deadline, we recommended that both of you wait until the latest of your two timeslots opens so that you can select the same room at the same time from your individual accounts.
    • You CANNOT refuse a roommate who selects the other space(s). You CANNOT pressure him or her to select another room through repeated requests or offer compensation for a room change. A student who is found to be harassing or stalking potential roommates may compromise his or her housing assignment and may be subject to disciplinary action per University of Mississippi policies.
    • You will NOT receive notification when the other bedspace(s) in your selected room is chosen.
    • You can confirm your booking and roommate information at any time in the ‘Application Status’ page. Your roommate’s information, when available, will be in the ‘Occupancy Information’ section.

Living Learning Community, Freshman Interest Group, and Residential College Community Rooms

    • All living-learning community, freshmen interest group, and residential college spaces are member exclusive.
    • If you have a mutually-confirmed roommate who is not a member of your community, you must delete the roommate request in the ‘Roommate Management’ section prior to selecting a bedspace in the community.


Room selection priority is determined by the date that you completed your student housing application. If you have a requested and confirmed roommate(s), your application completion dates will be averaged to determine your room selection priority.

Room Swap

As students participate in room selection, availability of buildings and rooms changes frequently. If you would like a space other than the one you have selected, you may use the Room Swap function in the housing application to view available spaces and select a new one. Be sure to check regularly since rooms are released without notice. Room Swap is available until 11:59pm CDT on Tuesday, July 15, 2015.

We offer our students several unique residential experiences, so check them out by visiting the Communities section, where you will find information about our living-learning communities (LLCs), freshman interest groups (FIGs), and residential colleges (RCs).

In the Facilities section, you will find information about the types of residential facilities we offer.

Room Consolidation

Consolidation occurs after move in, once assessment of residence hall vacancies is completed. Residents who live in double rooms without roommates will have three options: Find a roommate, have a roommate assigned, or pay the increased rate for a private room. If we have residents living in temporary housing, making the room private will not be an option.