Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Commuter Application – Spring 2017

The Commuter Application is open in MyOleMiss to students who will be freshmen in the Spring 2017 semester and live with parents or legal guardians within a radius of 60 miles (proof required).

Available beginning October 24 at 1:00pm CT


Freshman Residency Requirement

Students who have fewer than 30 semester hours are required to live on campus for two consecutive semesters – Fall and Spring or Spring and Full Summer (Summer I and Summer II).

If the student will still be classified as a freshman after completing the stated requirement, then student housing must be notified no later than July 15 to ensure that a housing exemption is placed on the student’s account for the following fall. This allows the student to avoid charges from student housing.

Student housing exemptions are approved for the following:

  • Students who are 21 years of age or older (proof required: birth certificate or driver’s license)
  • Students who live with parents or legal guardians within a radius of 60 miles and commute to campus (address will be verified via admissions data) 
  • Students who have graduated from high school at least one year prior to enrollment at the university and have lived in a college or university campus residential community for at least two semesters (proof required: letter from college or university)
  • Married students (proof required: marriage license)
  • Students with children (proof required: child’s birth certificate).

If you feel that special circumstances require review of your status and possible consideration for exemption from the residency requirement, then you should mail an appeal letter and all exemption documents no later than July 1 to:

Housing Appeals Committee
Department of Student Housing
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677.

Unmarried freshmen (except commuters living with parents or guardians) who enroll and are found to be living off campus without an authorized exemption from the Housing Appeals Committee will be administratively charged for housing.