Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Luckyday Residential College

Luckyday Residential College (LRC) opened in 2010 and has in-room bathrooms as well as many other amenities including a library, a classroom, a 24/7 fitness room, study rooms, a full-size teaching kitchen, and an amazing green space that’s perfect for games and activities. LRC residents share the RC Marketplace dining facility with residents of Residential College South. All residents are required to purchase the RC Unlimited Plus 1 Dining Plan.

Community Info

LRC offers an unparalled university experience to members through programming, volunteering, partnering with members of the local community, mentoring, and academic encouragement.

Members of the LRC include Luckyday Scholars (Luckyday scholarship recipients) and Luckyday Associates (students who are not recipients of the scholarship but who wish to benefit from the many academic, social, and service opportunities available to members).

Info for Freshmen
When you accept an invitation to join the LRC community you are agreeing to be an active participant of our living-learning community and fulfill certain responsibilities, including, among others, attending at least one LRC faculty-led program per semester, completing three hours of study hall per week, and meeting with an advisor regularly to ensure that you are progressing academically.

Eligible Applicants
Incoming freshmen – current juniors (including transfer students with a minimum of 12 completed semester hours)


Application Info

Deadline for freshmen to apply: 4:00pm on March 9, 2018

Sophomores, upperclassmen, transfer students & returning LRC members: contact Barbra Williams at to apply.

Application Essay Question

What qualities do you possess that would contribute to our successful, dynamic community?

Questions? Please contact Barbra Williams at or (662) 915-8831.


Floor Plans

Room Dimensions


Width = 32 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Width = 17 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Width = 29.5 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79 inches
Frame: 38 inches x 84 inches
Bed can be raised to 30.5-34″ off the ground and can be lowered in 3″ increments

Closet Area (each section)
Width = 47 inches
Depth = 16.5 inches
Height (ceiling to floor) = 108 inches
Closets do not have doors. Students must bring curtains and tension rods if they wish to cover their closets. If using two tension rods, each needs to be 47″. If using one rod, it needs to be 94″.

Width = 38 inches
Height = 68 inches
Sill = 7.5 inches
Top of window to floor = 95 inches

Sink Area
The spaces below the sink are 14.0″ wide, 28.73″ tall, and 20.0″ deep on the left side. The right side is the same except it is only 13.75″ wide.

Width = 18.5 inches
Height = 33 inches
Depth = 17.5 inches


1st Floor = 107 inches

2nd Floor = 105 inches

3rd Floor = 113.5 inches