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Student Housing
The University of Mississippi

Checkout & Moving Out 

You are required to complete the checkout process prior to departure from your building.

Deadline for checkout: within 24 hours of your last final exam

Checkout Tips

  • A limited number of moving carts will be available for checkout with student ID. You may also buy or borrow a small dolly or cart to use.
  • Get and pack boxes prior to finals.
  • Plan your departure time so that you have plenty of time to check out. Lines sometimes form during busier times.

Preparing for Checkout

1. Review your Room Condition Report from move in and discuss any damages that have occurred since then with your roommate to determine who will accept responsibility.

2. Remove all of your belongings and trash from your room. Exception: You may leave your carpet for disposal by student housing staff if it is rolled up and tied. Twine is available at the front desk of your building.

3. Remove all thumbtacks and pushpins. Please leave 3M Command Strips for removal by student housing staff.

4. Thoroughly clean your room by wiping down all furniture, appliances, closets, cabinets, window sills, and blinds. Be sure to clean windows and mirrors. Sweep floors; mop if necessary.

Parking & Vehicle Info

Parking rules and regulations remain in effect. In order to provide room for emergency vehicle ingress and egress, all vehicles must be parked in legal parking spaces.

Not allowed:

  • Trailers
  • Moving trucks
  • P.O.D. and similar storage containers
  • Recreational vehicles

Checking Out

Once checkout preparation is completed:

1. Go to the front desk of your building and request a checkout. (Northgate residents go to RH1.)

2. Accompany the student housing staff member to your room to complete checkout and remain present while the condition of your room is evaluated and charges for damages are assessed.

3. Sign your final Room Condition Report.

4. Complete the checkout process by swiping your ID at the front desk.

Damages to Your Room

The following are NOT considered normal wear and tear and will result in damage charges:

  • Unclean room/unsanitary conditions
  • Unclean, damaged, or missing furniture or mattress
  • Large marks on walls (beyond minor scuffs)
  • Holes in the wall larger than those made by pushpins or thumbtacks
  • Adhesives besides 3M Command Strips left on walls or doors

Damage Charges

Damage charges, if applicable, will be assessed to your bursar bill.

Most frequent damage charges:

  • Missing or damaged furniture or mattress: replacement cost
  • Peepholes: $55
  • Unrolled carpet or rug: $50
  • Broken blinds: $140
  • Window screens: $125
  • Trash removal: minimum $25/bag
  • Wall and floor damages: cost of labor and materials to repair