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We offer four types of student residences: traditional residence halls, contemporary residence halls, residential colleges, and apartments. 

The following are provided to all residents in all of our buildings: basic cable, wi-fi, student ID access, central heat & air, laundry facility, set of furniture. 

If you require student housing accommodations due to a disability, including the use of a service or assistance animal, please contact Student Disability Services.



General community options are open to all students. 

Our optional communities offer unique residential experiences to members. Community events and activities align with members’ interests and needs as Ole Miss students and campus residents.

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs): Through partnerships with faculty, LLCs give freshman students opportunities to enhance their residential experiences by connecting with their peers through events and activities designed for participants in specific academic programs.

Living Groups (LGs): Members of our living groups enjoy residential experiences that offer enrichment outside of the classroom that is tailored to their interests. Living among peers who share common interests as well as participating in events and activities led by campus staff helps community members to develop skills that bring success during and after their undergraduate years.

Residential Colleges: The residential colleges (RCs) offer unique residential experiences to undergraduate students of all classifications. Faculty fellows live in the RCs and contribute to community life by planning events and providing enrichment opportunities to residents. Members of the RCs are committed to academic excellence, community service, and leadership development.


Traditional Halls

Our seven traditional halls, built in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, offer classic residential experiences. Each building has a unique set of amenities, and it’s easy to choose one that best suits your needs. Traditional halls have double-occupancy rooms that are fully furnished and move-in ready. Community bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor or wing.

Our custodial staff clean the community bathrooms and common areas twice daily. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.

Our traditional halls house students by gender. Gender designations and optional community locations for 2018-19 are listed. 

Brown (females)

General Community (freshmen)

Ole Miss Opportunity Scholar Living Group (sophomores – seniors)         

Crosby (females)

General Community (freshmen)                                          

Deaton (males)

General Community (freshmen)       

Hefley (TBA)                                                                                                                       

Martin (females)

General Community (freshmen) 

Stewart (males)

General Community (freshmen)     

Ole Miss Opportunity Scholar Living Group (sophomores – seniors)  

Stockard (males)

General Community (freshmen)     


Contemporary Halls

Our newest residence halls feature in-room bathrooms as well as amenities such as community kitchens, lounges, and study rooms. Each double room is furnished with a movable desk, desk chair, movable dresser, and twin extra-long bed for each resident. Males and females live on separate wings in these buildings. 

Our custodial staff clean the in-room bathrooms and sink areas in student rooms every two weeks. Common areas are cleaned twice daily.

Our contemporary halls house both females and males. Optional community locations for 2018-19 are listed. 


FASTrack LLC (freshmen)

Early Entry Pharmacy LLC (freshmen)


Provost Scholars LG (freshmen)

General Community (freshmen) 


Honors College LLC (freshmen, sophomores – seniors)

Residence Hall 1 

General Community (freshmen) 

Residence Hall 2 

Sophomore & Upperclassman Living Group

Transfer Student Living Group (sophomores – seniors)

Residence Hall 3

General Community (freshmen) 

International Student Living Group


Residential Colleges

The residential colleges (RCs) have all of the amenities included in our contemporary halls as well as libraries, classrooms, and the RC Marketplace dining facility. Single-, double-, and quad-occupancy rooms are available in the RCs; singles and quads are reserved for sophomores and upperclassmen. Furniture in resident rooms includes a desk, desk chair, movable dresser, movable nightstand, and twin extra-long or full (select rooms only) bed for each resident.

Our custodial staff clean the in-room bathrooms and sink areas in student rooms twice biweekly. Common areas are cleaned twice daily.

Our residential colleges house both female and male members.

Luckyday RC

RC South



Our apartments provide sophomores and upperclassmen with a more independent style of living that’s conveniently located on campus. 

Campus Walk

General Community (sophomores – seniors)

Graduate Student LG


General Community (sophomores – seniors)