Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Appointment Expectations 

• Bring no more than two (2) additional people. Please follow CDC guidelines and do not bring anyone who has a compromised immune system, has been in contact with anybody who may have tested positive, or who has exhibited COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of your appointment.

• Per CDC and MSDH guidelines, students and guests will need to wear masks or similar face coverings— including homemade masks, scarves, or bandanas.

• Go directly to your building. Access to the building and your room will be provided on your Ole Miss Student ID starting at your appointment time. Please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time. If you arrive early, please remain in your car in the parking lot until your allotted time when you can move closer to the building and to a loading zone.

• Please use the hand sanitizer that will be available in all residence hall lobbies.

• Maintain a safe social distance of at least 6 feet from others who are in the building at the same time as you. Please do not share the elevator with anyone except those with you.

• Take all personal belongings you want from the room to your vehicle and dispose of all trash/perishable items in outdoor dumpsters.

• Remove one (1) Express Checkout form from your door and fill it out, ensuring all sections are complete. It is important that your writing on this form is legible so that we can verify you have checked out. The Express Checkout form will indicate you give permission to Student Housing to dispose of any personal items left in the room.

• Turn in your Express Checkout form to the drop box located at the front desk of each building (for Northgate residents, the RH1 front desk).

• Parking and University Police will be on hand during this time. As long as you are not parked in an illegal parking space, you will not receive a parking ticket.