Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Student Housing Updates for 2014-15

The University of Mississippi is experiencing historic growth in student enrollment. To effectively manage this unprecedented growth, the University has developed a comprehensive plan to assure that students continue to have a quality collegiate experience in the classroom and in campus facilities, including student housing. This plan includes many exciting new developments but also requires the reallocation of some existing resources to better serve our student population as a whole.

The Department of Student Housing has developed several strategies to address the increasing demand for on-campus housing while continuing to provide all first-year students with the opportunity to live on campus. As a result, there will be changes in the availability of on-campus housing for students in the upcoming academic year (2014-15):

  • On-campus housing for sorority communities cannot be offered as spaces in Crosby Hall will be primarily used to house freshmen. (Exception: Alpha Delta Pi members may reserve space per university agreement as part of the extension process.)
  • Spaces in Northgate Apartments will not be available for reservation by current Northgate residents.
  • Spaces in Northgate Apartments will be available for reservation by Ole Miss Opportunity (OMO) Scholarship recipients only. (To continue to receive full ¬†OMO benefits into the coming academic year, current freshman recipients must sign up to live in Northgate for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.)

The Department of Student Housing will provide information about available off-campus properties and important community resources to those students affected by these changes in an effort to support their transition to living off-campus for the first time. Students will have the opportunity to gather information and talk with off-campus property staff at a housing fair, which will be held in the Crosby lobby from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesday, January 28, and will also have the opportunity to reserve any spaces for which they are eligible as we go through the process of space reservation for current campus residents. Please note, however, that the availability of those spaces will be extremely limited. More Info

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