Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Traditional Halls

Traditional Halls

Residents of our eight traditional residence halls live in double rooms with one other person. Community bathrooms are conveniently located on all floors and/or wings. Community lounges, study rooms, and other amenities that vary by facility offer our residents great spaces for spending time together. All of our traditional halls feature modern conveniences including wireless internet, ethernet outlets, basic cable, drink and snack vending, air conditioning, and student ID access on
all exterior doors. All traditional halls also feature student ID access for resident rooms. Twenty-four hour front desks as well as live-in undergraduate, graduate, and professional staff enhance the safety and security of our halls and provide services to our residents. Each resident room is furnished with a twin extra-long bed, desk, chair, closet, and set of drawers for each resident.

Our custodial staff clean the community bathrooms twice daily. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.




Our traditional halls house students by gender.

Brown (males – 2016-17)            

Crosby (females, 2016-17)                                             

Deaton (males, 2016-17) 

Hefley (females, 2016-17)                                                                        

Martin (females, 2016-17)                                                                  

Stewart (females, 2016-17)             

Stockard (males, 2016-17)