Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Residence Hall 2 (temporary name)

Residence Hall 2 (RH2) features in-room bathrooms as well as amenities such as a community kitchen, lounges, and study rooms. Each double room is furnished with a movable desk, desk chair, movable dresser, and twin extra-long bed for each resident. Males and females live on separate wings in these buildings.

Residents for 2017-18: Transfer Student Living Group, Sophomore & Upperclassman Living Group, Freshman General Community

Floor Plans

Room Dimensions


Width = 32 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Width = 29.5 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Height = 30 inches

Bed (NOTE: Beds in this building cannot bunked.)
Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79 inches
Bed can be raised to 57″ off the ground (loft position) and can be lowered in 3″ increments to 27″. Beds will be raised to 33″ for move in. Beds can be raised and lowered with a rubber mallet by the student. Rubber mallets are available for checkout at the front desk. Ladders and safety rails can be rented from Lofts, LLC.