Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Groovin’ at Move In 2015

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Volunteers are a very important part of this event, as each year our students look forward to their assistance and warm welcomes.

We need volunteers throughout move in to help in the unloading zones at each residential facility. They will be assisting new students in unloading vehicles and helping carry belongings to their rooms. Each volunteer will receive a theme Comfort Colors t-shirt and LOTS of appreciation from our residents and their families.

If you would like to participate in this year’s event, please register by noon on Monday, August 3. We welcome both individuals and groups to volunteer.

In the week prior to move in, volunteers will receive their assigned locations and t-shirt pick-up locations and times. At move in, volunteers report to the volunteer tables in their assigned areas upon arrival to get nametags and sign in.


  • All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All volunteers must wear the provided move-in t-shirt. (Volunteers who wish to advertise their organizations or groups are encouraged to do so through the use of accessories such as stickers, headbands, fanny packs, socks, etc.)
  • Volunteers may not distribute materials or give out promotional items during move in.
  • All volunteers must wear nametags.
  • Volunteers may not accept compensation of any kind.

We hope you’ll groove with us!