Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Stockard & Martin

Stockard and Martin are located next to Jackson Avenue, giving residents easy access to the Oxford community. Each building is composed of 10 living floors. The buildings share a connected ground floor that contains large lounges, study spaces, and a laundry facility. Each residential room is fully furnished with a movable dresser, movable desk, desk chair, closet, and twin extra-long bed for each resident.

A P.O.D. Market is located on the ground floor. 

Residents for 2017-18: General Community (males – Stockard, females – Martin)



Floor Plans

 Room Dimensions



Width = 40.5 inches
Height = 61 inches
Sill = 7.5 inches

Top of window to floor = 98 inches


31 inches x 79 inches


Width = 41.75 inches
Depth = 24.25 inches
Height = 30 inches


Width = 29.5  inches
Depth = 24.25 inches
Height = 30 inches


Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79.25 inches x 6.5 inches
Frame: 38.75 inches x 85 inches
Bed can be raised to 30.5-34″ off the ground and can be lowered in 3″ increments

Ceiling Height: 111″