Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Sophomore Year Experience:

Emerging Leaders


Statement of Purpose

Emerging Leaders, the sophomore residential community at Campus Walk Apartments, empowers sophomores with essential leadership skills by providing opportunities for student success through academic enrichment, faculty connections, career exploration, and leadership development.

During the second year of college, students traditionally face challenges and make decisions that will shape the rest of their lives. Emerging Leaders offers support to these students and, additionally, benefits them in the areas of civic commitment, organizational participation, and interpersonal relationships.

Desired Program Outcomes

  • Improve academic success and affirm an academic major
  • Define career goals and identify life purpose
  • Develop leadership skills and self-motivation
  • Establish faculty and university connections

Community Structure

Participation in Emerging Leaders is contingent upon registration as an upcoming sophomore and completion of the application process. Students will live in Campus Walk Apartments

Community Activities

  • Mentoring program, which pairs members with university faculty and staff mentors
  • Career opportunities directed at life goals developed in the program
  • Training sessions on self awareness and leadership skills enhancement
  • Community outreach projects
  • Programming designed to enhance academic success in areas of time management, academic advising, and independent living

Mentor Info

Emerging Leaders needs faculty and staff mentors! Be a part of this amazing opportunity to serve our university by mentoring sophomore students. More info coming soon!


For more information on Emerging Leaders, please contact Tom Park at or at (662) 915-8901.