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Global Perspectives LLC

Global Perspectives Living-Learning Community provides a residential environment that fosters academic and social success for students who wish to incorporate a global, international perspective into their studies. Daily interaction between students from around the world (international and American students) fosters intercultural awareness and exchange. International students will be able to practice English every day while American students gain exposure to other languages of the world. Global Perspectives LLC often partners with faculty and staff in the Croft Institute, Modern Languages, and International Programs.

Students in Global Perspectives LLC come from diverse backgrounds but share interests in the pursuit of knowledge, promotion of the ideals of global citizenship, and the establishment of lifelong relationships with other citizens of the world.  To be considered, students should demonstrate interest in majoring or minoring in international studies or a modern language other than English or must be heritage speakers of any of the languages (other than English) taught at Ole Miss, have spent time abroad, and/or be interested in unfamiliar cultures and lifestyles while sharing their culture with others.


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Application Essay Prompts (250 word maximum for each essay question)

  1. Describe your experience interacting with people of other cultures, whether while traveling abroad, at school, as a volunteer, or at work. Why do you feel it is important to interact with people of other cultures?
  2. Tell us a story about the first time you met someone from a different culture. Please relate what you shared with the other person about yourself and what you gained from the interaction.

As part of the experience, members will be placed with roommates who are from countries other than their own. Roommate requests cannot be honored for Global Perspectives LLC members.

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Faculty leader for Global Perspectives LLC:

Dr. Allen Clark, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages