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The University of Mississippi

Global Perspectives LLC

Application Info

Application for 2014-2015 academic year: closed

Membership for 2014-2015: 20 males, 20 females

Essay Questions

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Mission Statement
The Global Perspectives Living Learning Community (GPLLC) provides a residential environment that fosters academic and social success for students who wish to incorporate a global, international perspective into their studies. Daily interaction at the GPLLC between students from around the world (international and American students) fosters intercultural awareness and exchange.  Contact with faculty and staff in the Croft Institute, Modern Languages, and International Programs as well as regularly scheduled activities– discussion groups, lectures, study groups, etc.–offers students tools to succeed in their chosen majors while promoting the ideals of global citizenship. International students will be able to practice English every day, while American students gain exposure to other languages of the world. Social events will enliven the atmosphere on the floor and nurture the development of life-long relationships with other citizens of the world.

Residence Hall Assignment

Students in the GPLLC live on the first floor of Ridge North in 2014-15.

Who Should Apply

Students who:

  • Are interested in majoring or minoring in International Studies or a modern language other than English or are heritage speakers of any of the languages taught at Ole Miss
  • Have spent time abroad (e.g. high school exchange) or want to study abroad
  • Like to volunteer and participate in other community activities
  • Are willing to help international students in the community adjust to American life, culture, and language
  • Are interested in unfamiliar cultures and lifestyles and in sharing their own with members of Global Perspectives.

Community Expectations and Requirements

Students will:

  • Meet all requirements necessary to remain enrolled at The University of Mississippi
  • Participate in and contribute to events planned for Global Perspectives
  • Respect fellow community members, resident assistants, Ole Miss staff and faculty, community members, and others they meet during this experience
  • Collaborate with others as well as be proactive in helping the community reach its goals
  • Be actively involved in the community’s activities, meetings, programs, events, etc.
  • Contribute to an environment where learning can flourish