Student Housing

The University of Mississippi

Brown Hall

Brown Hall front

Located close to the Student Union on Women’s Terrace, Brown Hall houses students on four floors and is a quick walk to the Grove and the Circle. Two furnished lounge areas, a kitchenette, a laundry facility, and multiple vending machines are available to residents. Each room is furnished with a built-in dresser, closet, and desk; a desk chair; and a twin extra-long bed for each resident. Each room also includes a microwave/fridge combo.

The Campus Package Center is located here.

Residents for 2017-18: General Community, OMO Scholars Living Group (females)



Floor Plans


Closet (dresser side)

Width = 24 inches
Depth = 23.5 inches
Rod to top of dresser = 38 inches

Closet (hanging side)

Width = 24 inches
Depth = 23.5 inches
Rod to floor = 67 inches


49 inches wide and 26 inches deep


Width = 44.5 inches
Height = 72 inches
Sill = 6.5 inches

Top of window to floor = 108 inches


Width = 48 inches
Depth = 24 inches
Shelves = 48 inches wide and 9.25 inches deep


Mattress (twin extra long): 35 inches x 79.25 inches
Frame: 38.75 inches x 85 inches
Bed can be raised to 30.5-34″ off the ground and can be lowered in 3″ increments

Microwave/Fridge Combo

Fridge: 18.5″ W x 15.5″ D x 34″ H

Microwave: 19″ W x 13″ D x 10″ H